About Us

The origin of Leyla's Store is the shop www.leyla-art.de of Ulrike Geafer. Her passion for art, distant cultures and things of foreign aesthetics has made her her life's work and she likes to rummage through the things you find in her shop as much as she likes to sell them. She benefits from her contacts all over the world, but also from the trust of the local artists and manufacturers whose articles she offers.

Because of the great demand for an online offer, it is now here - our webshop www.leylastore.de

What you can expect here

Handicrafts from far away countries

We are constantly working to expand our assortment and offer you something new from far away corners of the world. Whether Morocco, Indonesia, Peru or India, there are so many countries in the world where you can find fascinating cultures that keep ancient crafts alive and transfer them into our modern world.

An experience for the senses

Close your eyes and feel transported to a hamam bath in the dune-enclosed Marrakech or in spice gardens in tropical Malaysia, the air filled with exotic, foreign scents... do you feel the longing?

We may not be able to transport you to faraway places, but your senses can! Find what you are looking for in our selection!

Special products at fair prices

Not only can you buy special unique pieces here - you can also get them at a fair price and support traditional crafts and small businesses as well as artists from all over the world.

We have made this offer possible. We, that is:


Ulrike has laid the foundation stone for this online shop with her shop in Leutkirch in the Allgäu and has collected most of the articles here in meticulous shopping tours.

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Arndt & Nisa

These two were responsible for technical implementation and management. They also produce various articles, which you can of course also find here.

Alexa & Larry

All this would not have been possible here without our Swiss electorate. If help is needed quickly, they are there to help. And the most important part - our Koch-Blog! Let us inspire you with a few recipes...

By the way - last year the dream team did a European tour with the van. If you want to know more, visit their blog: